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Play Smart/Eat Right


Building healthy habits start when you’re young. Whether you want to become an All-American athlete or just reduce the risk of dangerous diseases like diabetes, following a few simple tips can help. That’s why, with the help of football guru Bobby Petrino and some super-smart doctors from Kosair Children’s Hospital, we’ve created this site. So take a minute, start scrolling, and find out how to PLAY SMART & EAT RIGHT!

You Don't Have to
Be an All-American

When kids are involved with sports, great things happen. They become more physically active, make new friends and most of all, have BIG FUN! So whether you’re into football, basketball, soccer, swimming, cross-country or lacrosse, if you’re on a team, you’re already a winner.

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Break Out of the
Soda Habit

It seems like everywhere you turn there’s another ad or fountain dispenser for soda and other sugary drinks. Trouble is, while soft drinks may taste good, they’re not great for growing kids’ bodies. Many contain tons of empty calories and the caffeinated versions can even DE-HYDRATE. Best bet? Pure H2O!

Upgrade Your Plate

A great way to improve nutrition is to make sure you include fresh, whole foods on your plate. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains can help kids feel better, and reduce the risk of becoming overweight. Want to take your healthy eating to the next level? Substitute an apple or banana for the typical serving of fries or chips.

Balance Your Screentime

Who doesn’t love chillin’ in front of the TV or enjoying the latest YouTube sensation on your tablet? Just remember: while FIFA® 15 may exercise your thumbs, the rest of your body just sits there. Keep track of all your screentime and try to match the virtual minutes with real-world, physical activity… preferably outdoors.

Take the Pledge

Take the Pledge
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